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How Has The Unique Abaya Style Influenced High Fashion?

Abayas are becoming considerably more common as the realm of sustainable fashion is evolving over time. They have become a stylish attraction with a variety of exquisite styles & have gained popularity worldwide more than being associated with any religion and tradition.

What is an abaya?

Ladies are seen wearing abayas around the globe. An abaya has long sleeves and is floor-length. The abayas in UAE are a free-flowing fabric worn on casual clothes by women when they leave their homes to conceal the body. However, ladies abayas typically open in the front and are fastened with snaps, zippers, or folds that overlap. They fall over the chest, the sleeves are made from one piece of fabric & are not separately sewn on. Abayas also come with a scarf for covering the head. Most women enjoy dressing modestly in designer abayas in Dubai on a regular basis as a preferred piece of clothing.

Evolution of Abaya Dresses

The word “abaya” refers to loose outerwear worn by women. It is an Arabic term. The Mesopotamian civilizations (4,000 years ago) are thought to be the Abaya’s first sources of inspiration.
The abaya for women, according to modern historians, was first sold in Saudi Arabia by visitors from Iran and Iraq some 80 years ago. And it was readily accepted by the Nomadic tribes in the deserts who were previously wearing long, loose-fitting gowns with coordinating scarves to conceal the face and heads.
In today’s world, an Abaya is more than just a bulky black robe; it can take on many different forms, with regional variations in its designs, hues, and ornamentation.

Types of Abayas

Who does not love to experiment with different looks and get the most out of their wardrobe? You won’t regret adding a designer abaya in Dubai. Below are given various types of abaya that are perfect to add in any wardrobe.
  • Batwing abaya
  • Flawless Abaya
  • Abaya Maxi
  • Overall abaya
  • Crocheted abaya
  • Plain abaya
  • Abaya in print
  • Embellished Abaya

Why muslims wear Abayas?

For Muslim women, donning the abaya is just part of the way they live. Islam encourages humility, and we should adhere to it. Their sacred book, the Holy Quran, also stresses on the importance of covering the body, proper behavior for individuals, as well as the codification of law, family relationships, business etiquette, attire, cuisine, personal hygiene, and other topics. In the Quran, women are commanded to dress conservatively and avoid drawing attention towards themselves. It is how Allah has instructed them to dress. So, It’s a cherished part of their daily lives. Instead nowadays many non muslims also seen to wear abaya in different styles.

How to style in an abaya?

Whether you wear an abaya every day or occasionally to spice up your look with a gorgeous overlay, you should  keep these abaya styling suggestions in mind when picking the proper materials, size, and hem length.
  • Seasonal Transition
  • Elegant, not clumsy
  • Magnificent Looks
  • First Squeeze
  • Countless Fabric Layers
  • Knowing the Situation
  • Don’t stick to one style

Abaya dress designs for modest women?

The traditional fashion industry thinks of abaya in dubai online attire as a trailblazer. There is a wide range of colors & designs to offer sophistication and style. Choosing the ideal abaya design depends on a variety of variables, and it might be overwhelming to consider all the available options.

Tips for choosing the best abaya design for for your body type

There is no doubt that a fitted abaya is not the proper way to wear it. Following are some suggestions to assist you in selecting the best abaya per your body shape:
  • Individuals with a pear-shaped physique should choose an abaya featuring tight sleeves and a bottom which is wider.
  • People with a straight and thin body type should select an abaya with extra layers if you possess a straight or short body shape.
  • If you are tall, choose an abaya with the perfect size for your height. Avoid buying short length abayas

Abaya designs that appeal to every taste at TrendeVerse

Abayas are available in a variety of designs that not only serve like a fashion trend but also help the wearer feel more like herself. Abayas are also frequently worn for various occasions, like Eid, official events in college/university and the office. They’re fantastic since they help you cover your body fully & still look perfectly together. Following are the best abaya designs at TrendeeVerse that appeal every taste:
  • Abaya Layered Pattern
  • The A-Line Abaya
  • Cape-inspired abaya
  •  Robe style abaya

Why is TrendeeVerse your go-to store for all abaya collections?

Our entire range of abayas is made to fit nicer, feel much better, and the last prolonged. We never skimp on quality or elegance. We have always had an abaya for women of every taste —high quality cloth, modest styles at reasonable costs.


Where to buy abaya in dubai?

Trendeeverse is the best place to buy abayas & modest dresses online. You will find a variety of designer collections in vibrant prints & colors there.

Is abaya for everyone?

Yes, abaya is for everyone. You can use abaya in multiple ways, like with hijab, or dress it up in a modern way by putting a belt around the waist or even pair it up with a gown for  a modest look. 

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